Welcome to the online auction at the INOFEST 2023 Innovation Festival!

We have a unique opportunity for you to become the owner of a work of art by the talented painter Evgeniya Zolotareva. This auction is not only about the beauty of art, but also about spreading goodness.

Holy joy / acrylic on canvas / 2022

Starting price: 500 EUR
Current price: 500 EUR

End of online auction: 25.9.2023


At the heart of the auction is a painting that combines impeccable craftsmanship and deep social meaning.
All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Good Shepherd Civic Association
, an organization that, through its work and commitment, transforms the lives of those in need of help and support.

Evgeniya Zolotareva, an acclaimed and passionate painter, gave us a work that bears her artistic testimony. Her paintings are a profound expression of emotions and thoughts. Now you too can become part of this artistic story.

In addition to the painting itself, the successful bidder can look forward to the possibility of a personal meeting with the painter Evgeniya Zolotareva. This opportunity will allow you to get to know the author and become acquainted with her work.

Join us at INOFEST 2023 and support this amazing initiative to combine art with social benefit. Your participation can have a profound impact and bring positive change where it is most needed.

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Evgeniya Zolotareva

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. In the email, please include your first name, last name, address, phone contact and proposed amount. You will be included in the auction only after telephone confirmation of your details and a guarantee of the bid amount.

Evgeniya Zolotareva

Artist in the field of fine art based in Brno, specializing in abstraction.

She graduated from the University of Arts and in 2006 received her MgA. in the field of art. Her artworks should “speak for themselves” and do not need a decorative frame, but a free space. It tends to create dynamic abstractions that need to be further extended.

The shapes of her paintings are often in tension and quivering, wanting to expand further. Her paintings focus on emotion and intuition, understanding the shapes and colours that manifest during the creative process. They see each project as a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation.

He exhibits abroad and in the Czech Republic. In 2022, it succeeded at prestigious shows in Vienna and Miami, and this year in Barcelona. Her works have been purchased for private collections in France, Germany, Poland, Japan, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

Her recent publications include articles in magazines such as “WORLD OF INTERIORS”, Vogue (UK), Artmajeur (France).

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